So You want to join KMF?

There are certain criteria everyone must meet before they are considered eligible to be in KMF:


  • All recruits must be 16 or older. No exceptions.
  • All potential recruits must roll with a member of KMF for at least two weeks before he or she is eligible for recruitment.
  • After becoming a recruit, you will be given a lowercase clan tag of kmf.
  • As a recruit, you must play with all capital KMF when invited.  No Exceptions.  At KMF we are a family, and you must show that you are willing to be a part of that family.
  • As a recruit, you will wear your lowercase letters until the Elite Delegation has decided it is time for you to be jumped in earning your capital letters.
  • Do not ask for your letters.  Your letters will come when you've earned them.

Sgt mac raw

kmf elite Delegation


KMF elite delegation



KMF Elite Delegation


To join

Send a friend request with a message on XBOX LIVE to:


Join the kmf nation

* All artwork on created and provided by Daniel Drue Smith of DanielSmithEdits. All rights reserved.*